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Experts in the Sales & Installation of Segmental Pavement Systems

Established in 1984, Precise Paving is committed to providing its clients with long lasting, cost effective, structurally sound and environmentally friendly solutions to their flexible pavement needs using a combination of ICP (interlocking concrete pavement) and PICP (permeable interlocking concrete pavement) flexible pavement systems. Our teams of pavement specialists utilize the best installation and compaction equipment specifically designed for the segmental pavement industry.  This equipment along with advanced construction techniques gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. 

It allows us to get the job done right the first time – in less time!

Precise Paving has long supported the development of the segmental pavement industry.  Charter members of ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) and founding members of SASP (School for Advanced Segmental Paving), Precise Paving has always encouraged the growth of our industry through the promotion of sound construction and business practices. 

Having installed millions of square feet of pavers throughout Florida and the Caribbean, Precise Paving is now actively promoting the sales and installation of permeable pavement systems.  These permeable pavement systems will add to Precise Paving’s core lineup of segmental pavement systems.  They simply make sense, especially here in Florida where large amounts of stormwater runoff drain into our lakes, waterways and ocean.

Precise Paving has teamed up with the experts at Advanced Pavement Technologies to promote the use of BASS (Bio-Aquifer Storm System).  BASS changes everything!  Now we can offer not only structurally sound segmental pavement but structurally sound, environmentally friendly pavement, designed to carry heavy loads while capturing stormwater runoff.  We also have teamed up with Oldcastle Precast to promote the sales and installation of their Storm Capture System.  These storm capture modules will offer controlled stormwater management, infiltration to the ground, retention/detention and treatment for reuse. 

We are excited about these systems and look forward to leading the way as Florida’s permeable pavement experts.   

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