Expert Installer of Segmental Pavement Systems

Sand Set Segmental Pavement Systems

Sand set flexible pavement systems consist of quality concrete and clay pavers installed on a 1” sand setting bed over a structurally sound base and subbase. The many benefits provided by this system make it the best choice for commercial, industrial, institutional or municipal applications including; roadways, parking lots, taxi-ways, plazas, shopping malls, crosswalks, traffic islands and much more.

Segmental pavement systems are more than a beautiful surface; they are a superior surface and a phenomenal long-term investment. These systems require less maintenance than traditional pavement surfaces by eliminating costly patching and resurfacing. You can also avoid continual painting of parking stripes and/or pavement markings by utilizing colored pavers, which can even incorporate glass beads to meet FDOT pavement marking requirements.  Segmental pavement systems are also utility friendly.  They can be removed for access to underground utilities and reinstalled after repairs are completed.

Concrete paving stones are also extremely dense, so the absorption level is less than 5% - much lower than asphalt and poured-in-place concrete. That means their resistance to oil and salt is tremendous.

Besides the practical advantages of concrete paving stones, the design possibilities are endless. The variety of shapes, colors and sizes provide for an expression of individuality to blend with any building or architectural style.

Another outstanding asset of Segmental Pavement Systems involves its option for methods of installation - a distinct advantage for certain projects in terms of time and money. Typically pavers are installed manually, one paver at a time. But certain applications (as determined by the contractor) allow for use of a hydraulically operated clamp driven by a machine that installs the pavers much more rapidly and with less manpower.

While the mechanical installation places a few limitations on the process, such as color and shape selection; the result is reduced costs and increased productivity.  Combine this with immediate use of pavement and you quickly see why these systems not only compete with traditional pavements – they exceed them!

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